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Lymphoedema is a progressive swelling under the skin because the lymphatic system has been damaged or can't work properly. This causes enlarged and disfigured limbs, usually one or both legs, but it can also affect arms, breasts and genitals. Lymphoedema caused by lymphatic filariasis (LF) and podoconiosis affects more than 20 million people globally, most of them living in remote and disadvantaged communities in low-and-middle-income countries. 


There is no cure. People affected by lymphoedema must manage their symptoms at home with limited or no health service support. Left untreated chronic oedema progresses relentlessly, leading to lifelong disability and dependence. Progression can be halted and early cases be reversed through active self-care, and with the support of local health workers and the community .

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Jan teaching lymphoedema self-care, Bangladesh 2018

Named for our patron (Lloyd) Kingsley Newman, LKN Foundation is an Australian charity providing quality information on effective lymphoedema self-care to people affected by chronic oedema, those who care for them, and national health systems.


Supporting individuals and communities

in lymphoedema self-care for the digital age.

Stage 1 - Develop direct-to-user open access tools that will empower individuals, and those who care for them, to manage chronic oedema in a community-based home-care model.

Stage 2 - Field-research to assess acceptability and gather end-user feedback and input into final version of the lymphoedema self-care training package.

Stage 3 - Establish a one-on-one mentoring platform connecting people living with lymphoedema in even the most remote locations, with a lymphoedema specialist to guide their home care program.


Fundraising goals by stage


Stage 1 - $200K for professional animation services.

Stage 2 - $500K to implement and research the virtual training tools in Bangladesh and Ethiopia.

Stage 3 - Create a secure two-way-platform for individualised self-care information from specialist clinicians.

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What interventions are Essential for self-care and managing lymphedema at the community and primary health care level?

Jan Douglass responds to questions from the NNN DMDI group.

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