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His Honour Lloyd Kingsley Newman AM

Kingsley was the largest donor among the 237 private donors who graciously made our first project in Myanmar possible, and he has supported the work which has flowed from that ever since. From the beginning he told me "never let this flounder because of money, its too important". And he's been good to his word, continuing to fund travel costs for our in-country partners. We are proud to bear his initials as the LKN Foundation, and pay forward his generosity by assisting as many people as we can.

Join Kingsley in supporting our work

Make a donation via PayPal Giving Fund.

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How to donate to LKN Foundation


LKN Foundation accepts single donations of $10 or more and monthly contributions of $5 or more. If you would like to donate more than $10 000 or make a bequest, please email


LKN Membership - all donors


During development of the bespoke open access platform, we are inviting everyone who donates to become site members. LKN Members have access to existing training materials and receive the quarterly update on LKN activities and achievements. LKN Members can opt out at any time. 


LKN Subscribers - monthly contributors


Subscribers are automatically LKM Members, and in addition to viewing all current training materials, will be able to view and comment on behind the scenes draft materials and get advanced notice of new uploads. LKN Subscribers can opt out at any time.

Online donations by credit and debit card are subject to a 1.8% transaction fee.

To ensure 100% of your donation goes toward the work of the LKN Foundation either

  • Add $0.18 for every $10 donated, or

  • Make your payment by direct debit (Australian bank accounts only)

Access to the enhanced lymphoedema self-care training for NGO and MOH in LF and podoconiosis endemic countries.

During development of the open access platform and training materials we are happy to share our existing enhanced self-care training tools which were developed during studies carried out in Bangladesh and Ethiopia and converted into digital format during the pandemic for delivery in Malawi, Nepal and Timor Leste.


Please email from your institutional email address for more information.

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