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Preparing for Bangladesh Workshops

Ongoing digital resource development

We learned a lot in Ethiopia about how to deliver virtual training materials to people who need to learn lymphoedema self-care. Now we are remaking our backgrounds and characters to look like the Community Centers and people who will attend our next round of workshops in Bangladesh.

These are first renders of a female character in her 30s - 40s. She can be a caregiver, a wife or a Community Health Worker (CHW). The male is over 50 and likely a patient, although he doesn't have a swollen leg yet.

Getting these 'skeletons' right is the key to eventually making our videos reproducible in any setting, and with any style of clothing or personal features.


New materials created

As well as an improved version of the massage demonstration, we are adding videos on deep breathing and exercises.

There will be lecture videos for the Community Health Workers on the rationale for the breathing and massage activities and how to teach and support them.


Old friends revisited

The workshops will be held in Nilphamari District where we conducted our original RCT over 5 yeas ago, so the Community Clinics where the workshops will be held will look something like this one.

We have created a similar setting for our new demonstration videos which will even have a few faces peeking in at the windows!

There will be posters to display on the Community Clinic wall and laminated instructions for people to take home and share with family or other members of the community.


Practical support and ongoing sustainability

Community Health Workers, and everyone who attends the Workshop will be given a USB with all the educational material pre-loaded.

We will also share the videos device-to-device and provide data for internet download to personal devices.

Eventually our educational videos will be able to be freely downloaded by any one who needs them, in any style of clothing or country setting. Which if course all cost money.

Please consider a monthly donation to help us buy the little things. $5 gives someone a lot of data in Bangladesh.


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