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About Sponsorship

Lymphoedema Practitioners and the people they serve know all too well how hard it is to
access the highly personalised treatment that is required to manage lymphoedema. Now
imagine trying to do that in a remote village where your local health worker shares the same misconceptions as the community about your swollen limbs, and has little training or
equipment to assist you.


The LKN Foundation aims to put high-quality information and training videos on

lymphoedema-care within reach of everyone who needs this vital information. Join our Clinical Sponsorship Program and be part of reducing disability and stigma on a global sale.

Printed Materials

Choose one of our posters and we’ll add your logo and business name. A4 or A3 printing sizes are available in silk paper or laminated versions. We can also provide postcard-size explainers for your clients to take and share.

Social Visibility

Sponsor logos are featured on the LKN Sponsors page. Social media updates that highlight LKN Foundation accomplishments will incorporate sponsor links and logos as suitable. Dedicated social media posts expressing gratitude to our Clinical Sponsors will be shared every quarter.

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What your Sponsorship can achieve


$25 per month

Over the course of a year,
12 new families will have
access to our digital
resources thanks to this


$50 per month

Sponsor 4 health
workers annually, to receive

the training and equipment
they need to assist their


$100 per month

Everything created by LKN

is designed to integrate into National Programs. This Sponsorship helps us reach new districts annually.

Need a custom solution?

If you want to set up a custom donation plan or want to set it up via direct debit instead of with a credit card, please contact us via and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can.

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